Wedding collections begin at $3000
Portrait collections begin at $300

Need it? Want it? Gotta have it? 
Send me an email and I'll send you all the information!
 Then, let's find a time to chat about your vision, how much coverage you need, and decide what best fits your budget!  

Ready to do the dang thing? 
A signed contract and 30% deposit are all it takes!
 So easy a caveman could do it. 


starting from $5,000

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• sweet mornings
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• my whole heart
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• entire soul

package 2

starting from $7,000

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• sweet mornings
• spring
• my whole heart
• wonderful serenity
• entire soul

package 3

I like what I see. What do I do now? 
Head on over to the contact page to send me a message! I'll respond with the nitty gritty and a lot of exclamation marks and then we can find a time to chat in person or online - whichever you'd prefer! We'll go over how many hours of coverage you need, chat about your wedding vision, answer any questions, and then I can send over the contract! 

How many images do we get? 
You can expect between 600 - 1200 images depending on hours of coverage you have and what goes on during your wedding day.   

Do you travel? 
I've got my passport, suitcase, and travel playlist ready to go! 

When do we get the goods? 
You'll get a sneak peek in your inbox within a week and then the whole gallery will be ready in 4-6 weeks! Each gallery comes with edited, high-resolution images, and printing rights.

I'm all about a deal. Do you offer any discounts? 
I'm in Marshall's at least once a week so I feel you. I do offer discounts for military couples! I also try and work with you if it's a last minute booking (within three months), or an elopement! 

Wow! Where to start with Danielle and Blissmore photography! Choosing Danielle was easily one of the best decisions we made for our wedding! From our first meeting to receiving our wedding photos, the process was so fun and easy with Danielle! Her professionalism and great eye for detail made our wedding photos everything and more than we could have ever dreamed of! Our photos were even published on Borrowed and Blue! How awesome is that?!? We can't express our gratitude enough, that we get to relive our wedding day everyday through Danielle's incredible photos!

"Everything and more than we could have ever dreamed of."

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