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Understanding High-Fashion Makeup Trends

Posted on Mar 25, 2023 in Art of Makeup

Understanding High-Fashion Makeup Trends

High-fashion makeup trends on the runways often push the boundaries of traditional beauty standards, showcasing bold and avant-garde looks that are artistic and conceptual. While these trends may be captivating and innovative on the runway, they can appear challenging for everyday wear due to their dramatic and exaggerated elements. Here are some recent high-fashion makeup trends and their artistic and conceptual characteristics:

Graphic Eyeliner

Graphic eyeliner has been a popular trend on the runways, where makeup artists create intricate and abstract designs using eyeliner. These looks often feature bold lines, geometric shapes, and negative spaces around the eyes. The artistic nature of this trend lies in the precision and creativity required to design these complex shapes and patterns. While graphic eyeliner can be striking and visually stunning on the runway, the boldness and complexity of the designs may not be practical for everyday wear.

Metallic and Foiled Eyes

Metallic and foiled eyeshadows have become a go-to for high-fashion looks. These eyeshadows deliver an intense shine and dimension, often in bold and unexpected colors. The artistic aspect of this trend lies in the transformative effect of metallic shades, creating a futuristic and ethereal vibe on the runway. However, metallic eyes’ high shine and drama can be too intense for daily life, where subtler eye makeup is typically preferred.

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Statement Lips

Bold and statement lips are a staple in high-fashion makeup trends. These looks feature vivid and unconventional lip colors, such as deep blues, purples, metallics, or multi-tonal ombre effects. The artistic element here is the daring and fearless use of color, making a strong visual impact. While statement lips can be empowering and artistic on the runway, they may not be practical for everyday activities where more neutral lip shades are preferred.

Face Embellishments

High-fashion makeup often includes face embellishments like rhinestones, pearls, or feathers. These are strategically placed on the face to create texture and add a sense of fantasy. The artistic nature of this trend lies in transforming the face into a canvas for expressive and imaginative art. However, the practicality of face embellishments for daily wear is limited, as they can be uncomfortable, require meticulous application, and may not withstand everyday activities.


Blurred and Watercolor Effects

Blurred and watercolor makeup techniques soften the edges of eyeshadows and lip colors, creating an ethereal and dreamy effect. The artistic nature of this trend lies in the softness and airiness of the looks, evoking a sense of romance and whimsy. However, achieving perfectly blurred edges can be challenging for everyday wear, where precise application and definition are often preferred.

In conclusion, high-fashion makeup trends seen on the runways are undeniably artistic and conceptual, pushing the boundaries of traditional makeup. While these trends captivate and inspire, they are often not practical for everyday wear due to their dramatic and exaggerated elements. Nonetheless, they serve as a source of inspiration for makeup enthusiasts and professionals, encouraging creativity and experimentation with makeup in more subtle and wearable ways.