Hello there! My name is Danielle and as a kid I used to sit on the living room floor and beg my mom to look through old photo albums so I could see my parent's wedding, my grandparent's love story, and my childhood antics. I love being able to provide images that your friends and family will reminisce about on your living room floor one day. 

The key is capturing images without making you you feel awkward, rushed, or unnatural. My focus is on helping you know what to do with your hands when I need to, while also letting your day unfold naturally (nobody wants to feel hunted by paparazzi). The details and portraits are so lovely but I also make sure that the passing glances full of joy, the little smiles between knowing family and guests, and the moments loaded with fun on the dance floor are told with just as much detail and beauty.


specializing in time-honored wedding photography

I seriously can't say enough good things about Danielle! In addition to our wedding, we did two engagement sessions with her- one with our dogs, and one at the North Carolina State Fair. The pictures from all three events were incredible, and exceeded all of my expectations! Danielle is super responsive to e-mails, has super quick picture turn-around, and the pictures are amazing! I had so many questions during the wedding planning process, and she honestly helped me with so much. From tips on what to wear for the engagement shoots, to driving three hours out of town for our shoot and a venue tour with us, to answering questions about flow of the wedding, to the wedding day schedule which she made on her own, she was the absolute best! I can't do her justice in this review- just take it from me, you need Danielle as part of your wedding!!

Danielle, took our engagement pictures and our wedding pictures and I truly couldn't be happier. I am three months past my wedding day and I find myself lost in my wedding pictures just reminiscing about one of the best days of my life. Your wedding day goes by so fast and it is so hard to remember every moment. Danielle captured every little detail- our rings, special jewelry, my gown, getting ready, dress reveal to my father and bridesmaids, exchange of gifts, etc and etc. The thing I love most about Danielle was how she was able to effortlessly capture the little moments.. the looks, laughs, and kisses shared between me and my husband, bridal party, family, and friends. We did have our classic posed pictures but she also had us interacting and playing around with each other and it felt so natural. The most reoccurring compliment I received about our pictures were how natural and happy we and everyone else looked at our wedding and that is all thanks to Danielle. Our smiles on our pictures are real and not forced and faked. 

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