You can count on me to tuck that stray hair back, grab you an extra piece of cake, and capture what's most important to you and your people! The most important thing to me is that you look at your images and see pictures that look like the two of you, rather than the two of you and someone making you feel like an awkward mannequin.

I believe in giving you as much guidance as you need to feel right at home in front of the camera because wedding photography shouldn't be hard, scary, or uncomfortable. From start to finish, I'm there to make things as easy, fun, and comfortable as possible. 

meet danielle

behind the lens

 dress fluffing, tie straightening, and shenanigans are included with each collection!

Blissmore couples are just lovely humans! They care about the people they're inviting to be a part of their day and they want to make sure that their guests enjoy themselves and that you can see that in the photos. It doesn't matter if your wedding is an intimate affair or a grand celebration - my couples know that with me the focus is on real stories, real people, and real weddings.


My couples prioritize bride and groom photos. I know that may sound silly considering the day is all about the two of you getting married, but my couples really appreciate that their images are what they will have to hold onto and they focus on making sure that the best lighting and timing is scheduled in for plenty of bride and groom photos before they spend their evening out on the dance floor. 


The truth is that Blissmore couples are completely different! 
What my couples do have in common is that they trust me to take amazing photos that make them feel beautiful and natural no matter where we are or what we're doing! Part of the process is creating a custom photography timeline so everyone knows what's happening and then the two of you you can focus on enjoying the day knowing that everything that's important to you is being captured! 


what makes a blissmore couple